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Crystal Bracelet "White Lava & Green Jade" - tinkl ILLUSTRATION
Crystal Bracelet "White Lava & Green Jade" - tinkl ILLUSTRATION
Crystal Bracelet "White Lava & Green Jade" - tinkl ILLUSTRATION
Crystal Bracelet "White Lava & Green Jade" - tinkl ILLUSTRATION

Saviera Crystal Bracelet "White Lava & Green Jade"

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Crystal Magic

Green Jade

Luck | Prosperity | Success

White Moonstone

Intuition | Inspiration | New Beginnings

White Lava

Strength | Stability | Grounding

Clear Quartz

Clarity | Soul Cleanse | Healing

'Saviera' is my channelled name of origin and means 'The Messenger of the Healing Crystals', which is why my crystal creations carry that very special name. ✨

Jade is known as the stone of abundance, wealth and good fortune. It helps you to get to know yourself, which will allow you to live more in alignment with yourself and to make the most of your skills and the gift that you are. When you have a crystal clear sense of who you are, you naturally will spend more time on the things that are important to you – a great way to attract success and prosperity into your life. 

White Moonstone encourages you to follow your intuition, sparks your inspiration and gives you the confidence to welcome new beginnings with an open heart and a sense of excited curiosity.

White Lava is known for its grounding properties, giving you strength and stability. 

Clear Quartz gives your soul a good cleanse and helps you to see things crystally clear as you move forward in your life with confidence. It also amplifies the properties of the other crystal beads.

Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted by me in the UK, comes in a reusable, protective burlap bag and will be energetically cleansed before it goes on its journey to you.

Bracelet Size: Approx. 16 cm 

Bead Size: Approx. 6 mm

Materials: White Lava, Clear Quartz, White Moonstone, Green Jade, Elasticated Thread, Burlap Bag

Care Suggestions: Cleanse energetically regularly (whenever the bracelet feels 'dull'), and avoid water

Please note: The properties of the gemstones and crystals described here are based on metaphysical beliefs and should not be taken as a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

Dispatched within 1–2 business days